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 Wedding cancellation solution?

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PostSubject: Wedding cancellation solution?   Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:13 am

Me and my ex-fiance ended up having to cancel out wedding due to curcimstances I wish not to mention. Anyhow, when she and our makeshift wedding planner spoke to the venue, being past so many months we had to pay $1500. Me being in sort of a surreal state of mind, did not follow up on it like I know I should have. We then let a good deal of time pass between then and now. Now that I have moved back home, and things have settled, I call the person over the venue and they tell me that via the contract we owe $3000, which is almost the whole amount. I was just gonna have the guy take us to court, because we really cant afford to pay that. I doubt if that would end with any different result than us having to pay that amount though. Just a shot in the dark. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Would it be possible for them to give the date to another couple at a discounted rate, and we pay the rest of the balance? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Wedding cancellation solution?
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