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 Audio of clip playing over music?

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PostSubject: Audio of clip playing over music?   Thu May 17, 2012 12:24 am

So I made this Titanic video in iMovie out of boredom one day and my goal of this video was to have a bunch of clips from the Titanic movie set to the My Heart Will Go On song so I put all of the clips in iMovie, put the volume of each clip at zero, and had the music playing in the background. However, when I went to publish my finished movie I noticed that some of the clips that were in there would play their audio over the music or that some of the audio from the other clips would play at different times throughout the movie so my question to whoever can answer this is how do I get it so that when I publish my final movie none of the audio from the clips I put in my movie will play and make it so only the song will play? I googled it to try and find an answer and nothing came up except to extract the audio from the clip and try to delete the audio of the clip once it had been extracted from the clip but I tried to do that as well and the audio of the movie clips was still there and playing over the song once I published my finished movie again SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if there's anyway you could help me that would be awesome pawsome! K THANKS BYE! Here's the link to my movie btw:


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Audio of clip playing over music?
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