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PostSubject: WHICH COLOUR SOLID OAK FLOORING SHOULD I CHOOSE?   Sat Apr 21, 2012 1:30 am

Hi all. I'm considering renting out my deceased mother's home this summer. I need your opinions for what colour oak or elm I should choose.

BACKGROUND: It is a very large cottage, with 3 extensions. With loads of light coming into every room, it has bags of character from the front, and original 1800's cottage features with some iexposed stone walls inside (painted white). It is too big for a young couple, but it will suit a professional family with children. I have a large budget for making it rent-proof/ children-proof and even animal-proof. Also, this house will never be sold - as I want to move back in when we start a family. Therefore, I don't mind spending on premium materials. I have completely ruled out carpet, lino, and laminate. My preferences are hard wood, not too light like ash or beach. I once heard some advise from a designer that floors should be the same throughout the house. I agree, therefore, please take into consideration that the flooring material will be in the bedrooms, too (but not in the bathrooms). Which 'stains' will look good for decades to come? I have dark wood furniture and blinds in my east-facing living room, and white painted wood and furniture everywhere else. Personal preference - no orange tints. I'd prefer silver tints :-) Oh, and finally, I'm Welsh so I'm trying to keep it local - and Wales has some of the most beautiful and durable materials in the world (hence elm, oak and slate)!

YOUR ADVICE: Please could you advise me on your preferences as a renter; a landlord; young professionals with children and animals; if you're an interior designer or if you have experiences with either floor materials or colour. If you can tell me which type of floor adds most value to this type of home (if ever I decide to sell, that would be very helpful, too.)

I honestly appreciate all your advice and I'll look at each one very seriously
Thank you!


solid oak furniture
modern oak furniture

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