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 Bleaching two tone blonde hair?

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PostSubject: Bleaching two tone blonde hair?   Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:44 am

i have blonde hair but the bottom layer (which i'm growing out) is darker then the top layer of my hair .. i have a kinda golden blonde on the bottom and a light blonde colour on my top layer? You can't really tell the difference but i want a kind of whitey/blonde or maybe just an ash blonde on my hair. If i put all the bleach over my hair which has two different blonde tones in it already, will my hair come out the same colour or will the bottom layer still be darker? i was thinking of going light brown and then bleaching it all to get it all the same colour? my hair's in good condition; no split ends etc but it's two toned now. so what would happen if i put bleach all over it?? please help :}


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Bleaching two tone blonde hair?
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