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 Driving to north BC / Yukon / Rockies in late April-May?

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PostSubject: Driving to north BC / Yukon / Rockies in late April-May?   Tue Sep 13, 2011 2:26 am

Have got three weeks in Vancouver in late April / early May, two of which we want to spend on a big road trip.

My idea - as a very rough itin. - is to head north, via either the Alaska or Cassiar highways, destination Whitehorse (or Dawson City time allowing) - and then loop east towards Alberta with a view to picking up the Icefields Parkway en route back to Vanc.

Can anyone see any problems weatherwise with this? I believe the IP for one is often closed even in spring? Would there be alternative routes if so?


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Driving to north BC / Yukon / Rockies in late April-May?
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